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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Gospel Message Day 330

Atonement - Strength, Part 3

I think Strength and Enabling Power are rather like twins when it comes to the Atonement. They are quite similar. There are times they seem identical, but I believe there are times when they are individual. I would say the biggest difference is that the Enabling Power gives us the ability to do, to accomplish. But Strength through the Atonement is what helps us to make it through, to withstand, to endure until we have accomplished what we need to. Over time, that strength slowly builds on itself, helping us to endure more and more in this life. Trials that almost broke us in our past are now a little easier to endure because of the Strength we have gained with the Atonement.

In my life, I have especially seen the strength build when it comes to dating and relationships, as well as in a more personal trial. A few years ago, I was devastated by some of what I was going through in rejection and sorrow. Now, I still find it frustrating and upsetting. Once in a while I can't stop the tears. But I feel I can bear so much more now than I used to be able to, because of the added strength. I think a part of me has even become a bit numbed or perhaps used to some of the pain? The strength has helped me to create a slight intolerance to some of what I have to continually endure. Which is quite a relief, since I'm still gaining many lessons from single adulthood, but nice that I don't have to feel so completely downtrodden every time. The Lord has helped to strengthen me so that each time is a bit more endurable. Each time I understand I am growing and that it is for my benefit. Each time I know even more that I will make it through because the Lord helped me to make it through before and He will make sure I get through again, and again, and again.

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