I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know who I am. I know God's plan. I'll follow him in faith. I believe in the Savior, Jesus Christ. I'll honor his name. I'll do what is right; I'll follow his light. His truth I will proclaim.

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Lord Behind It All

Day 159

I had a very fun date tonight.

Kind of.

It was in-class. And an assignment of sorts. But it was so fun and enjoyable. Conversation evoking laughter, sympathy, understanding, tenderness, dreams, and feeling the Spirit. Awkwardness at the beginning that was quickly gotten over as we knew there it was just us, talking. As we cared about the other and tried to put them at ease. It may have helped that our teacher was orchestrating the topics of our conversations. And I thought how in regular dating, the Lord should be orchestrating what we do and what we talk about. The Spirit should be present. For the sympathy, the understanding, the tenderness, the fun. Because when the Spirit is present and we think of the other person--helping them have fun, enjoy themselves, feel safe and secure, feel good about themselves, and more--it is a truly enjoyable and successful date. And, as my teacher put it, we should always leave our date a better person. Meaning both of us.

I love this class the Lord has sent me to, because it has me now not only excited about dating, but seeing so much more to it.

Today's Smile: The toddlers who came to my program. They got to have all kinds of fun--and I loved seeing them smile!

Today's Something New: Guys actually wouldn't mind if a girl brought coupons to a restaurant on a date. I wouldn't mind bringing them and offering them, but I suspected guys would look at me like a was nutty, over-the-top thrifty Molly Mormon. So, maybe I can be thrifty and not thought a nut or over-the-top.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Realization and Awareness

Day 158

Well, my gratitude today is too personal to share in specifics. Some may even find it odd or silly.

But it meant a lot to me and I'm grateful the Lord brought to my mind the circumstance I could alter which led to more confidence, relief, and happiness.

Today's Smile: The woman who thought our DVD was missing part of the movie, but with careful assessment and cleaning I was able to discern the possible problem and allow for her to take the movie home to finish. (She was profusely grateful to the point of slight embarrassment on my part!)

Today's Something New: The stuff around a dragon's head--not the horns--isn't hair. I know it isn't. But for the craft I'm creating, I was trying to figure out what to call it so all the kids would know what I was referring to. My co-worker told me that I was bound to be corrected by at least one child. I agreed. And then curiosity got both of us and we began to look up what it might be called, for we knew there had to be a word. In one of our dragonology books, it was referred to as "wattles." Which immediately made me think of roosters--and I was amazed I even remembered that association! Though further research into that has me thinking that I may not mention that particular term. I'll let the children correct me about "hair" with whatever things they know. So far, I've done well in life not having to know particular about wattles.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Day 157

As I'm reading scriptures concerning the Great Apostasy and the Restoration, I am grateful to the Lord for allowing me to not only be born when the restored Church and full Gospel are on the earth but to have always had it as a part of my life.

Today's Smile: My volunteer who seemed to enjoy the tasks I gave her.

Today's Something New: Tomato seedlings can actually sprout within 4 days of planting.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Witness of the Holy Ghost

Day 156

I love that the Lord gives me Sabbath days and all the wonderful testimonies from the Spirit of things related to the Gospel.

Today's Smile: I make others smile by my general silly personality. Apparently. Sometimes I wish I weren't so silly, flighty, and all. But I think the entertainment and smiles I seem to give others might be worth it.

Today's Something New: I watched a deaf history in America documentary and had no idea that all throughout their history there was a controversy between them as to using sign language or learning to speak. I'm a hearing person with relatively few hearing-impaired people in my life, so it is hard for me to have a more personal and informed opinion. But I have always thought both possibilities were great and power to those who want to try one or both. I don't understand why some are so set with just one of them and against the other. And I find it intriguing that this still exists today.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

We Have Sun

Day 155

Two days of warmth and sun in a row! I love rain. And I don't mind days of it. But I have never longed for summer weather more than I have this year. I think it's because I knew so many other places were getting warm weather by April. And while snow finally began to stop, it was still dreary, chilly, wet, and bleh. I longed for sun. It finally came. For longer than 12 hours. I was able to walk in it yesterday, sun in it this morning while reading, and sit in it this afternoon while chatting with a friend. Delight!

I love the weather the Lord sends, especially sunshine in the sky to match that in my soul.

Today's Smile: My friend joining me for a movie she was interested in seeing, and we both got to see it for free.

Today's Something New: Not that it's the most life-changing or enlightening knowledge, but I did learn a bit more of X-Men history and lore. Considering I never read the comic books or watched the cartoon while growing up, I knew nothing until I watched the movies with my family and friends. So to watch an "early history" or "how it came to be" of it, it made me curious as to what followed original, what was new for the movie, and such. I now know more than I ever did before. I don't think it will change my life for the better, but it was interesting.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Day 154

School is out. Officially out. They even let out earlier today than we had expected. And wonder of wonders--most of the kids went home! Now, I want kids in the library. Especially the teens. I'm a teen librarian. But unfortunately, the ones who come every day and stay for hours are not there for books or programs, unless I'm offering food--and then they only eat and don't participate in the program. I know they go there because they're waiting for a way home. And I'd rather they be in a safe place and not making mischief elsewhere. But if they need to stay somewhere, I wish I could have a teen space where they can enjoy themselves and not annoy or disrupt others. However, I don't have that. And they end up just being a nuisance to everyone. It wears on me, too.

So, I can't help being relieved and grateful for an inspired summer reprieve where I can focus on patrons having fun and not disciplining rowdy, restless kids who need that summer as well! 

Today's Smile: My co-workers grateful smiles for Summer Reading sign-ups being organized. It's nice to be able to use some of my experience and preference for organization in something!

Today's Something New: I learned that mango, avocado, and jalapeno taste very well together!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Day 153

Yesterday in my dating class, we discussed how security is very important to women. Very, very true.

And then in today's financial class, Dave Ramsey had all single men stand up and told them (more than once) about the importance of security to women. He joked and said women have a security gland that men do not. It is something they will never understand. But what they do need to understand is that if they plan to marry a woman, they need to know that she has this need for security and that they are the ones who need to provide it.

It is very true. It is something I have learned for myself as I have had to be my family of one for many years. It is stressful, tiring, and never quite satisfactory as I try to provide full security for myself. So often I just want to be taken care of. I want to be held. Reassured that everything is OK.

It's nice to know it is natural for me to feel this way. That it is something I'm looking for because it truly is something I innately need. (The Proclamation on the Family backs this up!)

I love how the Lord connects things for me to help me understand better and find comfort from difficult things in life.

Today's Smile: The mother who wanted books in French for her little girl smiled when I gave her simple and free options for what we don't have.

Today's Something New: I started reading a book about Laura Bridgman. I knew she was a deaf and blind girl born well before Helen Keller (a heroine of mine), and that her story of learning to communicate was inspirational to Helen Keller's story. What I learned today was that Laura, who lost her 2 older sisters, her sight, and her hearing to scarlet fever, also lost most of her sense of taste and smell. Left with only one sense. Can you imagine? They always tell you when one sense goes, another is heightened. Helen Keller could still smell and taste--and did so well. But Laura--she lost 4 senses. There was only one left. And it certainly was heightened! It makes her challenges, trials, progress, triumphs, and victories that much more, um, WOW. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Like You and Me

Day 152

I wasn't absolutely sure it was her--because they don't always look in person the way you see them in pictures and on TV. Still, we chatted books. She even gave me a couple of recommendations. Absolutely awesome: 

Today, I talked books with the prophet's daughter. 

And I loved that the Lord helps me see just how human and relatable our Church leaders are.

Today's Smile: All of those kids signing up for Summer Reading, and getting to stamp their thumbprints on a world map. A child's smile--it is priceless!

Today's Something New: I've been reading a book with random facts in it. Stuff I'd never think to research--# of Supreme Court justices presidents appointed, or which countries get the most vacation time. Some of the stuff is rather interesting. It makes me re-examine things.