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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Gospel Message Day 208

Resurrection of Christ, Part 2

We have 4 books of scripture that we read, use, and study from in the LDS Church. We call them the Standard Works. They consist of The Bible (Old & New Testament), The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine & Covenants, and The Pearl of Great Price. Each work has scriptures that foretell of the Resurrection, have eye witness accounts given, or are telling of the event in past tense (as by then it has already occurred). Yesterday I shared the eye witness accounts. Today I'm going to share some of the foretelling.

Mosiah 15:21
 21 And there cometh a resurrection, even a first resurrection; yea, even a resurrection of those that have been, and who are, and who shall be, even until the resurrection of Christ—for so shall he be called.
Mosiah 18:2
 Yea, concerning that which was to come, and also concerning the resurrection of the dead, and theredemption of the people, which was to be brought to pass through the power, and sufferings, and deathof Christ, and his resurrection and ascension into heaven.
Alma 40:3
 Behold, he bringeth to pass the resurrection of the dead. But behold, my son, the resurrection is not yet. Now, I unfold unto you a mystery; nevertheless, there are many mysteries which are kept, that no one knoweth them save God himself. But I show unto you one thing which I have inquired diligently of God that I might know—that is concerning the resurrection.
Alma 40:16
 16 And behold, again it hath been spoken, that there is a first resurrection, a resurrection of all those who have been, or who are, or who shall be, down to the resurrection of Christ from the dead.
Luke 3:7 (Joseph Smith Translation)
 And to be a light unto all who sit in darkness, unto the uttermost parts of the earth; to bring to pass the resurrection from the dead, and to ascend up on high, to dwell on the right hand of the Father,
Christ's Atonement saved us from the Fall--saving our souls and allowing us the chance and opportunity to work at and be able to return to Heavenly Father. But the Resurrection is a crowning blessing to it all. We won't just get to live with Heavenly Father again. We will be reunited with the wonderful gift of our body. Body and soul shall be able to live for eternity with our loved ones.

I don't know about you, but I think my body is pretty amazing stuff. It has a few flaws and doesn't always work the way it should. But it is a miracle. Each one of us is blessed with a miracle that we get to have all of our lives. To lost it forever after death seems not just a tragedy, but a huge waste. Being promised that it will be restored to us again is huge! So of course prophets would foretell of Christ's resurrection. Because it would mark the beginning of how that great, promised gift could now be possible for us. I imagine the prophecies were made and receievd with great joy and excitement by those who believed.

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