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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gospel Message Day 158

Atonement - Pains & Afflictions, Part 5

I thought I was going to end the topic yesterday. But then I had an experience tonight that was exactly what I needed to deal with my current trial(s). Our Sterling Singers practice was only for the men tonight, which gave us an unexpectedly free night. I had two commitments, but one fell through. The other--a fireside given by BYU's Young Ambassadors--I knew I would enjoy, but I didn't think I would receive as much comfort and healing as I did.

The Young Ambassadors are "an unfulfilled dream." These happen, and should happen, according to Anne Shirley in Anne of the Island:

"Have you any unfulfilled dreams, Anne?" asked Gilbert.
Something in his tone—something she had not heard since that miserable evening in the orchard at Patty's Place—made Anne's heart beat wildly. But she made answer lightly.
"Of course. Everybody has. It wouldn't do for us to have all our dreams fulfilled. We would be as good as dead if we had nothing left to dream about.

I dreamed of being in Young Ambassadors since I first heard them perform when I was in 4th grade and living in West Virginia. But my voice will never match the sound they have. So I have loved them "from afar" and enjoyed any chance I get to hear them. Tonight, their theme was Our Savior's Love. I thought I'd share a few songs they shared (even though not them singing them). I've shared some of these before on this blog. Because steady readers of this blog know that over the years, during my darkest times of trials, music was the biggest key for me to unlock the Atonement's healing power.

They sang some of my very favorite songs, which are perfect songs related to the Atonement.
The first is my favorite hymn (which I believe this blog's very first post was about):

And this song was one I had forgotten, but which I sang a few years ago in my VA Stake choir's Easter concerts. I love this song. I saved the copy of it that I saw printed in the Ensign magazine a year or so later. Tonight the guy shared the background story to it, which made the song mean even more to me.

 And then there is this one--my main Access-the-Power-of-the-Atonement-during-Trials go-to song.

I knew every song they performed. I withheld mouthing the lyrics because I knew it would bring on the waterworks. But with what they sang, I couldn't hold back. The tears definitely flowed. Which the newly acquired new contacts were not thrilled with.

They ended with another favorite--always a powerful testament of how the Savior is always there for me and how I want to seal my heart and will to His forever.

The greatest takeaway I got from today's fireside, with the music and the spoken messages, was that the Lord knows me. And though others might think my current trial silly, overblown, ridiculous, or whatever, the Lord doesn't think that. He knows how I am. He knows why I'm so emotionally conflicted in this situation. And He knew that the music tonight contained His messages of love for me, which would reach me like nothing else can. And I do feel loved. And reminded that I'm going to be perfectly fine. That my "broken heart" is a good thing, because God loves broken things.

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