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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gospel Message Day 309

Jesus - Teacher, Part 2

I wrote the Day #, and immediately thought of the LDS hymn with the same #. And it goes perfectly with the topic.

  1. 1. As sisters in Zion, we'll all work together;
    The blessings of God on our labors we'll seek.
    We'll build up his kingdom with earnest endeavor;
    We'll comfort the weary and strengthen the weak.
  2. 2. The errand of angels is given to women;
    And this is a gift that, as sisters, we claim:
    To do whatsoever is gentle and human,
    To cheer and to bless in humanity's name.
  3. 3. How vast is our purpose, how broad is our mission,
    If we but fulfill it in spirit and deed.
    Oh, naught but the Spirit's divinest tuition
    Can give us the wisdom to truly succeed.

We sang this often at BYU. So often that I had it memorized probably after one year at school. Overall it is a song about service. Yet I believe that was a huge way in which Christ taught--by serving them. Because it showed forth honest, sincere love for that person, and a sincere desire for that person's best interests (hence the inclination to teach).

This also made met think of the hymn just before that, #308.
  1. As I have loved you,
    Love one another.
    This new commandment:
    Love one another.
    By this shall men know
    Ye are my disciples,
    If ye have love
    One to another.
The most important part of Jesus' role as a teacher was that He loved those He taught. (Which happened to be everyone.) Love is a vital element to have if one is to teach. Love for what one is teaching, and especially love for those whom one is teaching.

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