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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Gospel Message Day 303

Work and Personal Responsibility, Part 3

Work is an important principle in the Gospel. We do not believe in getting something for nothing. We must work to earn any reward or better result of any kind. To be forgiven, we must go through the work of repentance. To enjoy peace of mind in upcoming, unforeseen trials, we have to put forth the work to prepare ourselves in all ways. Food storage doesn't just show up. We work to save it up. Blessings from tithing and fast offerings come only after we make the effort to pay them. A house becomes clean only after we have cleaned it. A testimony only grows if we make the effort to build it. Our calling is only magnified if we do our utmost within it. We are, however, blessed when we work, for when we give our all the Lord will add His part--which is much greater and more effective than our all. And thus together we are able to achieve wondrous things.

Too many people in this day have a sense of entitlement. They believe they deserve this or that just by being them. They don't see that they must work to deserve something. No one is entitled to anything. We have rights (which are not always given). But even those rights must be fought and worked for. Its a patriotic month, when we often are reminded that freedom isn't free. It has a price. It is every man's right to be free. But they are not entitled to it. They are to fight for and protect their freedoms.

We also cannot expect to gain a reward from someone else doing our work for us, hence the personal responsibility. For one, where is the growth for us if we shirk our work? For another, why should we deserve to be rewarded for what we have not done for ourself? We take responsibility for what our share of the load in life is to be, to take care of our own tasks and duties.

Now service is entirely different. Service is assisting someone in their life's work load. But it is not taking over all and doing it for them. If a sister in the ward has a baby, we offer meals and childcare and maybe even some house care until the parents are ready to take over these tasks again. Our serving others does not mean those people can just sit back and do nothing for themselves because we are taking care of it. We reach out. We help. We lift. We inspire. We give hope. But we do so with the intent and desire that those we serve will soon be back on their feet and able to take care of themselves. Even better, that they can reach a point when they can help lift another as well.

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