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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Gospel Message Day 285

Gratitude, Part 9

One more day on this topic. I've been talking about some of the greater trials I've had to face, and what I have been able to find to be grateful for. Can't ignore the elephant in the room--every reader of the blog knows it is there. One of my greatest trials is being single much longer than I expected or anticipated.

I don't think I need to go in to particulars. The loneliness, sorrow, disappointment, discouragement, hurt, frustration, and lowered self-esteem have abounded in this blog. There's no need to keep hashing that out. What I am to do today is tell what I'm grateful for as to my single situation, and years of unsuccessful dating.

*I am grateful I have not married the wrong person.

*I am grateful I've had a lot of time to learn more about myself. I hope it will make me a better wife.

*I am grateful I have had time to be single. I hope it will make me more grateful when I am sealed to my best friend and will inspire me to work even harder at our marriage.

*I am grateful I have had time to learn how to date. While it still hasn't led to the desired outcome, it has helped me learn more generally about relationships, human nature, kindness, and selflessness--all things that I can use in y every day life, single or no.

*I am grateful I have met many men who are also trying to find their best friend. There may have been many awkward, embarrassing, and frustrating encounters and experiences with them, but they are God's sons and I trust they are/were doing the best that they know/knew how.

*I am grateful I have made many friends and acquaintances who are also in the single state of life. They are the only ones I know who have an inkling of what I'm going through, whom I can fully count on for sympathy, support, and understanding.

*I am grateful I have had my eyes opened in regards to so many things. There are many aspects of life that I had no idea about, and no experience in. I would not have learned about them if I had not remained in the single life.

*I am grateful I have been able to maintain a sense of humor throughout.

*I am grateful that I know the Lord cares about me as well as about this (and every!) situation of my life, and that if I listen He will continue to guide me throughout all of it.

*I am grateful that in spite of it all, I find exquisite and genuine fulness of joy and happiness.

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