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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gospel Message Day 42

Charity, Part 4

In the LDS Gospel Principles manual's chapter on Charity, there is a section on how to develop charity. I love the things it lists for us to work on, so I'm copying them here, with my comments.

*We can "become more charitable...by studying the life of Jesus Christ." Some time near the end of high school or early in college, I realized that I had a very great relationship with my Heavenly Father. And while I knew I loved my Savior and I knew facts about his life and mission and all, I felt like I didn't really know my elder Brother. So I started to study more about Him. I don't know if that made me more charitable, but it certainly helped me in coming to know Him better, and appreciate all He has done for me, and love Him even more. I do know that knowing more about Christ and how He lived and why, makes me want to be more like Him--which would inevitably lead to being a more charitable person, filled with the love of Christ,

*"When we have uncharitable feelings, we can pray to have greater charity." I love that we have that resource to turn to. I certainly need it! Especially in my line of work. I have way too many moments when I'm just done with others. Possibly that's due to my introverted nature, or some of my social anxieties. Or even that I deal with customer service on an almost non-stop basis 40 hours a week at work and I'm burned out on patience. Whatever the case may be, I feel terrible that I am not more charitable. So praying for help is a great thing for me to have available. And it makes sense. We are all Heavenly Father's children. He wants us to love and care for each other. So, He will certainly answer our prayers to help us be more loving, kind, patient, and serviceable to His other children.

*"We can learn to love ourselves, which means that we understand our true worth as children of our Heavenly Father." To me, this puts me in mind of the quote "you can't lift someone to higher ground if you aren't up there yourself." I have learned in my life that when I do not love myself, I fall to lower ground. I'm of very little to help to any one. I have had to take care of me and learn to love myself. And learning to love myself is not just a one-time-and-I've-got-it-for-good thing. It is a constant process throughout my life. (I thing I referred to the session on self-love from my mid-singles conference a few weeks ago. This ties in perfectly with that.)

*"We can avoid thinking we are better than other people." Yes, I think that's pretty self-explanatory! Straight-forward, too.

I love having lists to work with, so I'm glad I found this one. It will help me as I try to be more charitable, for I know I can always improve in that area.

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