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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Gospel Message Day 47

In the Little Things, Part 5

I'm single. If you couldn't tell by all the blog entries that relate to that. A lasting, eternal marriage with my best friend is my 2nd greatest desire. But children are the 3rd. Growing up, I wanted 10 children. That number didn't change until years started to go by with no prospect of their father entering my life. Each year passing is another child gone. Add to that the physical difficulties that have made their way into the equation. I have changed that desire to more of a hope--that we may be blessed with at least one child of our own. And if that is not possible, that adoption will be able to come through for us in good time. I trust my Heavenly Father that He will bring about the things that He has promised me, if I remain faithful and continue to do my part. This includes where my marriage and our children are concerned.

But what about the time until then? I picked a career that would work with my children should I need to return to employment after they were born. However, it has proven to be a small amount of balm in my singlehood as I've been able to be a minuscule part of so many children's lives. To have a chance in teaching them, and providing fun opportunities, and helping them find sources of knowledge and entertainment. I've learned a lot about child development, education, and parenting that I never would have guessed I could have learned.

Right now, I get to experience one step above that. Because I love the kids I work with, but it is not the same as how I love my Niephews. It means the world to see the love in their eyes for me--even with the very young ones. Today I spent quite a long time with my 20-month old niece. LOTS of repetition in words and actions. :-) Bubble blowing. Playing on the swings. She "spoke" so much to me, and came running to me a few times. She was fine that I was the one who got her from her nap today. She let me hold her, and she snuggled with me. I had the chance to love and dote on an adorable cutie who loved me back. That's what I get with each of my 22 Niephews (of all ages) when ever I'm able to be with them. It is a sweet joy that I get to experience here and there until I get to do so forever with my own child(ren). But happy times--I'll still get to keep the wonderful relationships with my Niephews. It's a bonus! And I'm so grateful I don't have to wait on those relationships. I have them now. And with this vacation, I've been able to enjoy the relationships one-on-one. That's not a little thing. It's huge.

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