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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gospel Message Day 58

Temple Ordinances, Part 5

I finally had a date to read last night! And I fell asleep before 10pm. That poor book must think I'm the worst date. I'm not all that bad, just an exhausted one. Falling asleep, of course, meant that I missed writing my daily post. So here it is, a bit late. But oh well.

The next temple ordinances to talk of are what members generally refer to as "Initiatories." And the best explanation I would be the following (originally found here):

Washing and anointing. References to washing and anointing are found in the Old Testament (see Exodus 28:2–3, 4129:4–7;40:12–13Leviticus 8:6). “The ordinances of washing and anointing are referred to often in the temple as initiatory ordinances [because they begin the endowment]. It will be sufficient for our purposes to say only the following: Associated with the endowment are washings and anointing—mostly symbolic in nature, but promising definite, immediate blessings as well as future blessings.
“In connection with these ordinances, in the temple you will be officially clothed in the garment and promised marvelous blessings in connection with it” (Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple[2002], 32; see also D&C 124:39).
I very much love the initiatory ordinances. I love symbolism, and these ordinances have that. But I especially love the blessings promised. I loved to hear them the first few years I was able to perform these ordinances for the dead. But 8 years ago, I had the very wonderful blessing of being called as a temple ordinance worker. As such, I helped to administer these ordinances among the female temple patrons who were doing work either for themselves or for the dead. I memorized the words to all the initiatory ordinances (among other ordinances) and then knew the words better than I had before. Those promised blessings became embedded in my mind, my heart, and my soul. Because of this, those ordinances are more able to give me unspeakable comfort, hope, and direction.

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