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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Gospel Message Day 45

In the Little Things, Part 3

I got to have a lot of nostalgia today, which is a blessing in its own way. Because it brings back memories. My memories remind me of what a great life I had growing up. Of all the fun and beautiful things that filled my days and helped me become who I am.

*We went to my niece's Cross Country meet. It reminded me of my Cross Country season, as well as my 3 years in Track, and even my 2 years with Field Hockey. I loved my sports days in school. I loved being with my teammates. I loved the excitement and nervousness of game days--and even practices! I loved the physical challenge it was to myself, and being able to succeed. But I also loved it when my family would come and support me, so I was very happy that I was able be that part today.

*We took what I would call "back roads" where I'm from. It was such a gorgeous drive. Interesting how everything I saw reminded me of places I've lived (like Nauvoo) and places I've visited, but how it was also its own place. I've never seen this part of the country at this time of year, and I certainly don't remember going among the back roads areas whenever I've visited this area before. So I was creating memories for Autumn in this place while remembering different seasons among other states (and countries for that matter).

*I watched the end of a movie with the part of the fam that was from my teenage days. And I remembered what it was like having crushes on some of the movie stars, and loving certain scenes, and quoting from it. But overall, what it was like to watch movies with my original fam. I miss those days. I think one of the main reasons I love to watch movies so much is how it brought so many of us together when I was younger. We rarely watched movies silently. We talked. We laughed. We quoted. We found the similar things we liked and the things we didn't.

You know, there are times when I really miss my childhood. And my teenage years. I miss growing up. I miss being with my family. I miss being a kid with my parents and my siblings around me. But I am blessed with memories that I can re-live, and most of them are happy and good. And I am blessed to still have family around that remind me and help me re-live those memories when I am with them. And all of it is a reminder that overall I have had a very good life, and it still continues good to this day.

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