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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gospel Message Day 49

In the Little Things, Part 7

I got to have a nap today. I meant it to only be 1/2 an hour. It ended up being 3. Oops. But it was needed. Doctrine & Covenants 88:67 (which was our scripture last night) says to "Cease to sleep longer than is needful." One would think that a 3 hour nap is indulgent or selfish. And it can be. If I were to do that every day, yes. That would be excessive. However, I don't do that every day. I don't have the time for it! Occasionally, though, it is a nice luxury. And for me and some of my health issues, it is needful. I had a sister when I worked in the temple who reminded me that it says "is needful" (emphasis added). If I'm sick, and I need that time to sleep to help me recover and be serviceable to others and to just basically function, then yes it is needful. Looking forward to a couple more days of rest before I head back to life again.

Sad thing is, though, I'm heading back home tomorrow. I miss home, but I am always missing family. I'm so grateful that my family is eternal because one day, beyond the veil, I will no longer always be missing them.

Other little things today: I started a new book that has hooked my interest. Always love that feeling!

We went grave hunting today. Didn't find the graves we were looking for, but as I walked among the graves I was reminded--as I always am in cemeteries--that every one has a story. And the people buried there all had lives, and loved ones, and ancestries, and descendants, and laughs, and tears, and everything! Such a respect for life in a place of buried dead. Interesting that.

Had some amazing food not just today, but my whole trip here. And so nice that I haven't had to plan my own meals, or do my own shopping for a few days. My sister can cook! :-) And I've loved enjoying the yummy benefits from that.

The bishopric visited the family, and we had a lot of fun during that visit. Reminded me of all the times growing up when we had people come visit us. Definite fun times.

Lots of happiness. Such a good thing that even though the vacation is winding down, the happiness will not be forgotten, nor will it end. Much more to come!

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