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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Gospel Message Day 24

Mid-Singles Conference report

I only have a few minutes left of the the day. And rather than start a new topic, I thought I'd just share a few feelings/thoughts I had from the conference I attended today. So many great topics. But two very much stood out for me: the power of music to heal our souls and the importance of self-love.

That first one I figured I already knew. Any regular reader of this blog would know that years ago, during my darkest time of life, music was the one constant that helped me feel of the Lord's love and understanding. It often felt like the only thing that could reach me through all of that darkness. The only thing that let me know it was OK to cry at times. It helped me get through one day at a time. As David Osmond said last night, "Endure to the End...of this day." So hearing what Brother Scott Schroeder had to say was a complete affirmation that I had a testimony of exactly what he talked about. Our dark, difficult times were completely different, but we both knew what it was like to be suffocating in darkness. And for music to be the one thing that helped us let the Spirit in to allow the Savior's atonement to heal us.

The other session on self-love was something that I would have realize I'd known if I'd sat back and thought of it. Just not something that ever really came to mind. And yet Dr. Rick Hawks quoted scripture after scripture and apostle after apostle of things they have said related to self-love. Note that self-love is more along self-esteem, self-worth, and self-respect. It is NOT self-focus. It is NOT selfISH. And it is NOT selfLESS. He pointed out the difference in all of those things. The main thing I got was just how important self-love is to our progression in life. My number one priority is always the relationship between me and my Heavenly Father--I won't get personal revelation and inspiration unless I have a personal relationship with Him. But I won't be able to have that relationship until I first am able to love myself, and then love my neighbor as myself. So I need to take what time is needed to help me achieve that. Which I started to do immediately after when I laid out in the beautiful weather with the sun setting for an hour. Complete rejuvenation! I loved it.

Such a wonderful, uplifting conference. I gained a lot, and I am so glad I was blessed to be able to go--and that I followed through on the promptings that I should go.

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