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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gospel Message, Day 20

Prayers, Part 4

Family prayer. We always had this as I was growing up in my family. Of course, prayers at meal times were altogether as a family, but they aren't quite the same thing. Our family had prayer in the morning before any one left the house, and we had family prayer at night before any one went to bed. Mom or Dad would ask one of us, or volunteer themselves, to say the prayer. (My "adopted" family goes down the line in age and then starts over again. I liked that, because when I stayed with them on vacations, I knew when my turn was coming up. :-) )

Family prayer was a great way for us to learn to pray aloud. Our parents could use them as teaching moments in how to say prayers, as well. They might point out if we were rushing, or using vain repetitions. Things said in prayers might include safety throughout the day, direction for choices we are making as individuals or a family, help for a particular family member in something they have going on in their life. There is something about hearing a family member pray for you that lets you feel loved like nothing else can.

We would also pray for things related to our community, our ward (i.e., church congregation), our nation, and the world. Anything that affected our family whether big or small, locally or further abroad, it might be included in our family prayers. Gratitude and guidance were always a part of these prayers. But no matter what was said or prayed about, our family was blessed with the power of love, guidance, and protection because we prayed together every day.

I have been a family of one for 14 years. I miss family prayers with a larger gathering. Always a joy for me when I am included in the prayers of my friends' and family members' families. And I have enjoyed occasional Roommate Prayer. But I can still have Family Prayer with just me and still receive the same blessings. I'll just keep looking forward to when my family prayers will have more than one person involved.

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