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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

LDS Hymn #10

I can't remember how this song came to my notice. I only know that I've always enjoyed singing it and it was an easier one to play. It also has one of my favorite things when one or two of the parts sing a solo--in this case it is the treble voices.

It is another Restoration song (since the first few are the Restoration section). This one mentions a prophet now again on earth, and that ancient prophets saw our day. It also talks of the Priesthood. These are two wondrous things to have on the earth again--definite reasons to rejoice!

From the history book
Ha ha--what I just said is right in the first paragraph about this song! I must be in good company. :-) The description also tells of the scriptures in 2 Nephi 3 that mention Joseph the Latter-day prophet as well as Joseph in Egypt--and I just read that chapter a couple days ago! Fresh in the mind. The lyricist and composer wrote this song in only a few minutes and had it performed the same night when asked to submit a song for consideration in a new hymnal. That is impressive! One other connection--the composer has a venue named after him. It is at BYU. And it is where I sang in my concerts for University Chorale (two of them) and Women's Chorus (3.25 semesters, which included priceless memories of participating in all the Combined Choirs), as well as many performances of all varieties that I have watched there. I adore that Performance Hall. I didn't realize this was his hymn. It may be all the more special to me now.


  1. 1. Come, sing to the Lord, his name to praise.
    He in these latter days did raise
    A prophet to his name,
    The blessed gospel to restore.
    Come, sing to the Lord, his name adore!
  2. 2. The prophets of old beheld this day,
    Its glory told in wondrous lay.
    They saw our prophet dear,
    Who times of fulness ushered in.
    Come, sing to the Lord, his praises ring!
  3. 3. The keys of the priesthood of our Lord
    To us in fulness are restored,
    Their blessings to bestow,
    And pow'rs divine are manifest.
    Come, sing to the Lord, his name be blessed!
  4. Text and music: Gerrit de Jong Jr., 1892-1978

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