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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

LDS Hymn #16

Definitely one of the hymns rarely sung. I am not familiar with the words, but the tune rings a slight familiar chord (ha ha ha....) when I look it over. It is not one that I can hum right away if asked on the spot with the music. But even not knowing it well myself, it is a nice tune. The lyrics are about the wondrous blessings that now come to every land--the world--because the Gospel has been restored. Those scattered will be brought back through missionary work.  The captive--both alive and especially those who have gone on before--now have the chance to be free. As the title says, it is all glorious! And I think the tune helps to reflect that.

Can't help but have a little smile that the third verse has "there their" in it. :-)

From the history book
The author of the hymn is anonymous, but must have accepted at least the Book of Mormon, since that is "Ephraim's records" referred to in verse 1, according to Bruce R. McConkie. The text was first printed in 1840, but the tune did not come until 1889.


  1. 1. What glorious scenes mine eyes behold!
    What wonders burst upon my view!
    When Ephraim's records I unfold,
    All things appear divinely new.
    All things appear divinely new.
  2. 2. Good news to earth have angels borne,
    Which fills our souls with joy and peace.
    Good tidings comfort those who mourn
    And bring the captive full release,
    And bring the captive full release.
  3. 3. The scattered sheep, who once were sold
    In darkness o'er the mountains far,
    Shall now return unto their fold
    And there their waiting hearts prepare,
    And there their waiting hearts prepare.
  4. 4. Now Israel, long oppressed and grieved
    In ev'ry land, in ev'ry clime,
    Shall hear the word of God and live;
    This is the time, the chosen time.
    This is the time, the chosen time.
  5. Text: Anon., ca. 1840
    Music: Ebenezer Beesley, 1840-1906

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