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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Gospel Message Day 346

Still Learning

So, I have to blog about my Timp experience. Again. I know. But if I didn't let the whole thing work in me and let myself talk about what I have learned, then that is at least a dozen teaching opportunities and lessons the Lord was trying to send me that I just let go.

All week I have been thinking on one of my favorite stories from the Pioneers crossing the plains to the mountains. I'd heard it before as I was growing up, but then for the Doctrine & Covenants and Church History Seminary videos, they made a short video of it with the time President Hinckley shared the story in a General Conference session. I immediately loved that video. I have never tired of watching it. And I probably get a  little misty-eyed every single time I watch it. Such a beautiful story. I cannot find the Seminary video, but here is the video of President Hinckley telling the story:

During my hike down Timpanogos, and for this entire week since, I have often thought of that story. Even though my rescuers did not put themselves in mortal danger, they still showed forth the exact same courage, kindness, willingness, patience, and strength (physical and otherwise) that those boys did. They are of the same age. They came upon me only minutes after I had actually sat down and wept--praying to Heavenly Father for some kind of help because I did not know how I was going to finish. I knew my ability was almost spent, and I could not see how I was going to make it on my own. And waiting any longer might do me more harm. Not to mention the unforeseen future that waiting much longer could have made much worse. (Hindsight and further info now tells me that would not have been a problem, but I did not know that then.)

But like the Sweetwater rescue, my rescuers did not do it with fanfare. They didn't do it to show off to anyone--especially me! They did it at a cost to them (including a little bit of heat exhaustion, delaying others, losing their day off, losing time to make up sleep, straining their muscles, and making blisters even worse). They did it with no thought for themselves; their only concern was me and my welfare. And no matter what, they would not leave me alone. Every bit of this is an example to me of exactly how all service should be. Without seeking glory. With nothing in it for us. Completely selfless. They have had me reflecting on how I am in my service. And not just the big stuff I do, but what I do every day. And how I could improve on that.

I don't ever want to forget these lessons. And if it means that I refer to this experience often, so be it. They were lessons I needed, and I am grateful Heavenly Father gave them to me in such a way that hit home, and will stay.

To add to it all, I've been playing various music CDs in the car since I can't get this one audiobook to work. I've just been grabbing stuff at the top of my stack in the car. On the way to the temple, I figured I should put on something a little more religious. So I pulled out something on top, which happened to be a Jenny Phillips CD I haven't listened to in many years. It's usually on the bottom of the stack. No idea how it got to the top, except that the Lord moves in mysterious ways. Because that was the very CD to go along with what I've been thinking over the week. The whole CD talks about difficult journeys and making our way and having faith. Timpanogos was not my only difficult journey. I've had many difficult journeys throughout my life, and a few of those have been in the last few months. I needed the musical reminder that I am not alone--never have been and never will be. I will always make it through my journey, no matter what the end may be--whether my destination or a different one that the Lord has in mind for me. It will all be well with me. And as I go along, there will be those to help and rescue me.

These two songs were two that really stood out, because of Timp.

But the entire CD. Wow. Will be listening to that one on repeat for a while.

9/1/16 I found it! I found it! I found it! I found it!!!!
A year later and I found the Seminary video with President Hinckley's story. What a great thing to discover as I reminisce and give thanks all over again!

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