I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know who I am. I know God's plan. I'll follow him in faith. I believe in the Savior, Jesus Christ. I'll honor his name. I'll do what is right; I'll follow his light. His truth I will proclaim.

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Marriage - Worth Fighting For

"Latter-day Saint spouses should do all within their power to preserve their marriages. . . . To avoid so-called 'incompatibility,' they should be best friends, kind and considerate, sensitive to each other's needs, always seeking to make each other happy. They should be partners in family finances, working together to regulate their desires for temporal things."

Dallin H. Oaks, "Divorce," Ensign, May 2007, 72

There are 3 things that I always pray for in finding my spouse:

  1. That I won't settle.
  2. That I'll know without a doubt.
  3. That he is my best friend.
Spouses are to become one in all things. If we are best friends, then what other way would we want to be? I know I would want to be one with him in everything, with Christ as the center and focus of our marriage. I would want him to be there for me, but even more I would want to be there for him. I know that marriage would be a bed of roses, complete with thorns. And I know that it will all be worth it because it will be beautiful, sweet, fun, joyous, strengthening, fulfilling, and uplifting. Marriage is a gift and blessing Heavenly Father wants for each of us. He hopes for it as much as we pray for it. For something as wonderful as that, I can already promise to devote my entirety to my husband, my children, the Lord, and the Gospel.

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