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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

LDS Hymn #67

Hymn #67 - Glory to God on High

Always liked this hymn for its praising nature, its simplicity to sing, its easiness to play, and those two unison measures in the middle to bring us together as we praise His name. Love all the words. They state messages of the Atonement. The song invites us here on earth and those in heaven to join together in one song of love. Ah--beautiful!!

From the history book
That song mentioned correlates to the one mentioned in Revelation 5:9-13, which this hymn is an adaptation of. The tune name is Italian Hymn which honors the composer's nationality. It was published in 1761 and included in most Christian hymnals, though the text is not generally the same even if it is still of praise.


  1. 1. Glory to God on high!
    Let heav'n and earth reply.
    Praise ye his name.
    His love and grace adore,
    Who all our sorrows bore.
    Sing aloud evermore:
    Worthy the Lamb!
  2. 2. Jesus, our Lord and God,
    Bore sin's tremendous load.
    Praise ye his name.
    Tell what his arm has done,
    What spoils from death he won.
    Sing his great name alone:
    Worthy the Lamb!
  3. 3. Let all the hosts above
    Join in one song of love,
    Praising his name.
    To him ascribed be
    Honor and majesty
    Thru all eternity:
    Worthy the Lamb!
  4. Text: James Allen, 1734-1804, alt.
    Music: Felice de Giardini, 1716-1796

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