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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

LDS Hymn #56

Wow. Another organ one. That is 3 in a row. We must have really liked this section! And like the other 2 I wasn't as familiar before and still not remembering well after. The soprano part moves a lot in this song. Possibly too much to make this easy for congregations. If the melody moves all over and includes syncopation, it is a little more difficult. Of course, if we sang it often, we would just be familiar with the tune. Seems to be a problem with too many of our hymns. The text is poetic description of the Millennium--particularly in nature. It is beautiful imagery. Though the phrase "sabbatic era" is not an often used one!

From the history book
Ha ha--she refers to the unusual phrase, too! It is likening the Millennium to the earth's Sabbath Day--6 days of labor and then a day of rest. In 1950, this hymn was paired with the tune for Hymn 150 in our current hymnal. Brother Cornwall, who wrote about the hymn in the 1950 hymnal wrote the current tune for this hymn when he was 90. The 1950 hymnal also had 4 other verses. More poetry, more imagery. Very nice. But 8 verses would never get sung. I like how the book points out that this is how the Millennium will appear to the righteous--peaceful, beautiful, full of light that dispels darkness.


  1. 1. Softly beams the sacred dawning
    Of the great millennial morn,
    And to Saints gives welcome warning
    That the day is hast'ning on,
    That the day is hast'ning on.
  2. 2. Splendid, rising o'er the mountains,
    Glowing with celestial cheer,
    Streaming from eternal fountains,
    Rays of living light appear,
    Rays of living light appear.
  3. 3. Swiftly flee the clouds of darkness;
    Speedily the mists retire;
    Nature's universal blackness
    Is consumed by heav'nly fire,
    Is consumed by heav'nly fire.
  4. 4. Yea, the fair sabbatic era,
    When the world will be at rest,
    Rapidly is drawing nearer;
    Then all Israel will be blest,
    Then all Israel will be blest.
  5. Text: John Jaques, 1827-1900
    Music: J. Spencer Cornwall, 1888-1983. (c) J. Spencer Cornwall, 1983. This hymn may be copied for incidental, noncommercial church or home use.

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