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I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

LDS Hymn #50

Not sure how I became familiar with this hymn. I know the tune fairly well. First two lines are exactly the same. The third line is a women's duet (and you know I love those show-off times for parts!). I don't know the lyrics as well. And leading this is a beast! Something about 2/2 time throws me off so much. Looking over the text, I like the looking forward to the "glorious day of promise"--I like to see that as the time when Israel is gathered (mentioned in 1st verse) and what we know to be the Millennium. It can also be looked at when we can go on to a peaceful rest with our loved ones in the next life. But I also like the references to the Old Testament. Not my favorite book of scripture, but many stories and lessons that I love from that work. Especially thinking on those people who so long ago looked forward to their coming Messiah, as we do today in awaiting His Second Coming. So I can connect with the sentiments shared in the hymn.

From the history book
Alexander Neibaur was reported to be the first Jewish convert to the LDS religion. He joined the Church in Preston, England. This hymn was sent by Bro. Neibaur to the Millennial Star for publication in 1840. There was confusion believing that Bro Neibaur wrote the hymn. But the hymn was a slightly altered version from one that appears in a Psalmody from 1831 (not an LDS publication). In that Psalmody, it was credited to "Pratt's Collection." So Brother Neibaur was not the author, but was the original contributor to the LDS hymn publications.


  1. 1. Come, thou glorious day of promise;
    Come and spread thy cheerful ray,
    When the scattered sheep of Israel
    Shall no longer go astray,
    When hosannas,
    When hosannas
    With united voice they'll cry.
  2. 2. Lord, how long wilt thou be angry?
    Shall thy wrath forever burn?
    Rise, redeem thine ancient people;
    Their transgressions from them turn.
    King of Israel,
    King of Israel,
    Come and set thy people free.
  3. 3. Oh, that soon thou wouldst to Jacob
    Thy enliv'ning Spirit send!
    Of their unbelief and misery
    Make, O Lord, a speedy end.
    Lord, Messiah!
    Lord, Messiah!
    Prince of Peace o'er Israel reign.
  4. Text: From Pratt's Collection, ca. 1830, alt.
    Music: A. C. Smyth, 1840-1909

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