I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I know who I am. I know God's plan. I'll follow him in faith. I believe in the Savior, Jesus Christ. I'll honor his name. I'll do what is right; I'll follow his light. His truth I will proclaim.

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

I Know that My Redeemer Lives!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Influence for Good

As you walk your various paths, walk with faith. Speak affirmatively and cultivate an attitude of confidence. You have the capacity to do so. Your strength will give strength to others. Do not partake of the spirit so rife in our times. Rather, look for good and build upon it. There is so much of the strong and the decent and the beautiful to build upon. You are partakers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel means 'good news.' The message of the Lord is one of hope and salvation. The voice of the Lord is a voice of glad tidings. The work of the Lord is a work of glorious accomplishment."

Gordon B. Hinckley, "Be Not Afraid, Only Believe," CES Fireside for Young Adults,

I like this quote. And, being Father's Day, I thought of it in that context. Yes--my father was a great influence for good in my life. I am so grateful to him for that. I am even more grateful to my Heavenly Father not only for all He does as my Father, but for also entrusting me to the wonderful earthly father that I have had.

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